Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Month Of Language

"Sa Pangangalaga sa Wika at Kalikasan Wagas na Pagmamahal ang Talagang Kailangan"

Every August we celebrated the month of language . And "tagalog" is our National language and most filipino use this language to communicate with other Pilipino. Once in a year only we celebrated this kind of event. Manuel Quezon is the one who declared the "tagalog" to become our national language in the Philippines. We should love our own language because we are Pilipino.

Like Dr. Jose Rizal said " Ang Hindi Marunong Magmahal Sa Sariling Wika Ay Higit Pa sa Hayop At Malansang Isda. Dr. Jose Rizal want us to love our own language and we should proud of it .Wherever you are we should proud to use our own language.

Being a Filipino Citizen I'm honored to have my own language and that is "Tagalog" And I'm proud to be a PILIPINO.